Svadhyaya is the fourth Niyama.  Svadhyaya means self study, introspection, and self reflection.  Reflection, Introspection, and clarifying your intentions about who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to create are all about SvadhyayaSvadhyaya asks you to adopt a child’s mind and examine what you have seen before with awe, something you are seeing it for the first time.  This can be done easily by stop doing and invest in BeingSvadhyaya is not mere accumulation of facts and figures, but the ability to penetrate at deeper levels.  Focus and stay connected in the present.

You cannot fully develop your potential without awareness of faulty assumptions, faulty perceptions, knowledge about your contributions to a situation, and habits that don’t serve you.  Such awareness, knowledge of a desired future state, and commitment to change is Svadhyaya.  Svadhyaya contributes to self awareness, empathy, curiosity, detachment and discipline.  This is the practice that helps people get connected with their authentic selves, the ‘True North.”

According to the Yoga Sutras, “Svadhyaya when developed to its highest degree brings one close to the highest forces that promote understanding of the most complex.” Svadhyaya is essential to before any progress can occur, because you need to know where you are, where you want to go, and how to get wherever it is you wish to go.  Embrace Svadhyaya and begin your journey towards self realization, happiness, and peace.

About Kammitment:  Led by scientist and life-coach Kamalesh (Kam) Rao, Kammitment helps one realize and make a commitment towards self-actualization, through tailored leadership coaching workshops and programs for students and professionals in all stages of their lives, by drawing upon the time-tested principles of Yoga and Mindfulness.  Kam has spent 20 years as a scientist and a manufacturing industry professional in the pharmaceuticals industry, and continues to consult with the industry.  In his free time he leads executive coaching programs for Fortune 100 clients.  A certified Yoga instructor, Kam lives in Oakland, CA and is an active volunteer in the Bay Area community when he is not perfecting the next Pretzel pose in Yoga and its myriad benefits.  For further information, please email kam[email protected]

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