Santosha is the second Niyama.  Niyamas help you prepare for the practice of Yoga, and help incorporate Yamas – cardinal truths, in your yoga practice.  They require conscious commitment to apply mindful action in life.   Niyamas are the key to the practice of Asana in your everyday life.

Santosha means contentment.  This is fostering gratitude and detachment.  Santosha allows you to be content with who you are, where you are in life, and whatever you have.  This frees the mind to focus on more meaningful things such as self-realization, relationships, and purpose.

Our perspective towards life, situation we find ourselves in and the work we do is more likely to influence our santosha than the circumstances or the environment we find ourselves in.

Mind has a desire to crave and there can be no contentment where there is craving.  Cravings and attachments shift our focus away from the present moment to the past full of regrets, missed opportunities, and disappointments or to the future wants and expectations thus depriving us of the present moment that reflects infinite potential possibilities.  Santosha helps you stay in the present and choose among the infinite possibilities that are most meaningful to you.

It would help us all to reflect on the level of contentment, circumstances that lead to contentment, and lack thereof in our lives.  How does lack of contentment prevent us from enjoying life, relationships, and work?  How do dissatisfaction about relationships, work, and our present being prevent us from enjoying life?  A little bit of self-reflection will go a long way in awareness of the causes of unhappiness and the path towards greater happiness.

About Kammitment:  Led by scientist and life-coach Kamalesh (Kam) Rao, Kammitment helps one realize and make a commitment towards self-actualization, through tailored leadership coaching workshops and programs for students and professionals in all stages of their lives, by drawing upon the time-tested principles of Yoga and Mindfulness.  Kam has spent 20 years as a scientist and a manufacturing industry professional in the pharmaceuticals industry, and continues to consult with the industry.  In his free time he leads executive coaching programs for Fortune 100 clients.  A certified Yoga instructor, Kam lives in Oakland, CA and is an active volunteer in the Bay Area community when he is not perfecting the next Pretzel pose in Yoga and its myriad benefits.  For further information, please email [email protected]

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