Samadhi is the eighth and final limb of Yoga.  This state of being follows Dhyana and is of being in the zone.  In this state, the self or ego falls away, time becomes irrelevant and the object is all that remains.  Our self becomes one with the object and all external sensory inputs vanish.  The outside world disappears and only the object occupies our entire mind.

Samadhi can be experienced in everyday life by everybody.  Maybe, most of us have already experienced it.  This is when the person is in the zone.  The person is completely absorbed in the object, activity, or thought, and nothing else exists.  There is total concentration and nothing can distract the person in the state of Samadhi.  This is similar to the athlete who is competing in the 100 meter dash at the Olympics, or the batter (or batsman in cricket) who is ready to hit the ball be it game of baseball.  This is the state of intense happiness where highest levels of excellence are achieved with minimum effort.

Even at work we can attain Samadhi, but the prerequisite is a workplace that is open, transparent, fosters innovation and encourages creativity.  Such a workplace encourages employees to pursue projects of individual interest in addition to their daily jobs.  Such employers benefit in many ways such as increased productivity, extreme creativity, high level of teamwork, high morale, and minimum sick days, attrition and employee turnover.

Samyama is the cultivation of the practice of Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi and the journey starting with withdrawal from external objects and progress towards our inner self.  The literal meaning of Samyama is focusing inward.  Samyama starts with the choice of the object of focus, developing a focus, sustaining the focus and ultimately losing self in the object thus completing the process of complete withdrawal from the external world.

In practical terms, the practice of Samyama helps in better understanding of an object, activity, concept, or person by dwelling on it completely, with total dedication and no distraction from the external world.  The mastery of this practice allows deep insight that can only happen when external distractions are gone and the self dissolves into the object of attention.  This is the result of dedicated practice of Yoga and cannot be achieved when we are beset with ulterior motives that are self-serving.

About Kammitment:  Led by scientist and life-coach Kamalesh (Kam) Rao, Kammitment helps one realize and make a commitment towards self-actualization, through tailored leadership coaching workshops and programs for students and professionals in all stages of their lives, by drawing upon the time-tested principles of Yoga and Mindfulness.  Kam has spent 20 years as a scientist and a manufacturing industry professional in the pharmaceuticals industry, and continues to consult with the industry.  In his free time he leads executive coaching programs for Fortune 100 clients.  A certified Yoga instructor, Kam lives in Oakland, CA and is an active volunteer in the Bay Area community when he is not perfecting the next Pretzel pose in Yoga and its myriad benefits.  For further information, please email [email protected]

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