Aparigraha literally means non greed.  Aparigraha is the fifth of the yamas.  In the larger context, Aparigraha means generosity, simple living, and performing actions without expectations of rewards.  Greed represents an unsatisfied state of mind.  Unfulfilled cravings results in the appearance of greed.  Freedom from greed gives us the ability to see how desires affect our experience of life itself.   In the end, affluence is not a matter of what you have, but what you don’t lack. How can you incorporate this in your personal and professional lives?  Reflect for a moment to understand how incorporation of this principle can bring happiness in life.  Consider other aspects of Aparigraha that are not immediately apparent.  Liberate yourself from greed and towards happiness.

About Kammitment:  Led by scientist and life-coach Kamalesh (Kam) Rao, Kammitment helps one realize and make a commitment towards self-actualization, through tailored leadership coaching workshops and programs for students and professionals in all stages of their lives, by drawing upon the time-tested principles of Yoga and Mindfulness.  Kam has spent 20 years as a scientist and a manufacturing professional in the pharmaceuticals industry, and continues to consult with the industry.  In his free time he leads executive coaching programs for Fortune 100 clients.  A certified Yoga instructor, Kam lives in Oakland, CA and is an active volunteer in the Bay Area community when he is not perfecting the next Pretzel pose in Yoga and tapping into its myriad benefits.  For further information, please email [email protected]

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