Lifescient is a pet pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the quality of care for pets. Our team has developed long-acting injectable prototypes which, when placed in the pet by a veterinarian similar to the placement of a microchip, will release medication continuously in a controlled manner for weeks and months at a time. Long-acting injectables will replace daily oral dosing with a single visit to the veterinarian and since they are safely absorbed by the body, they do not have to be removed. This will provide peace of mind to the pet parent by freeing them from the need to adhere to a dosing schedule and assist veterinarians in providing the best care for our pets


There is a lack of medications developed specifically for pets and human medications are frequently prescribed. This requires pet parents to break up human pills, potentially leading to incorrect dosing. Our strategy is to reformulate these medications into injectable formulations that are easy to administer and readily accepted by our pets. Because the medications are already approved by the FDA, the probability of product approval is increased and the time to market is decreased. This will provide the veterinarian with greater treatment options, thereby improving the overall quality of care in veterinary medicine. The proof of concept and technical feasibility of the platform has been demonstrated with several medications which will enable applications across multiple therapeutic classes and species


Benefits of injectable formulations include ease of administration, improved disease control from continuous non-fluctuating blood drug levels, long-term medication administration from a single treatment, virtually 100% bioavailability, minimal side effects from the lower daily dose of medications as compared to oral tablets, guaranteed pet prescription compliance and minimized drug abuse and diversion

Lifescient is dedicated to improving the quality of care for our pets through innovative drug delivery technology