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Lifescient is a development stage pet therapeutics and drug delivery company, focused on improving the quality of care for pets and eliminating the challenges that are associated with administration of medicines to pets.  The pharmaceutical industry has a long history of developing medicines for human needs but less so in introducing medicines for pets. Lifescient is focusing on this opportunity to develop pet medicines.

Pets contribute to the physical and emotional well-being of pet owners, who are demanding for their pets, the kind of healthcare and medicines on par with humans to improve quality of life, provide comfort, and enhance longevity of pets.

Better pet nutrition and better care is responsible for the longevity of pets. The longer our pets live, the probability of old-age diseases such as cancer, osteoarthritis, cognitive, and metabolic disorders increases. We are making it easier to dispense medicines to treat chronic diseases thus elevating quality of care for pets and bringing peace of mind to their owners.

Lifescient has a pipeline of six compounds across three therapeutic areas such as Pain Management, Parasiticide and Metabolic disease.  All the active ingredients are off-patent medicines, approved for use in veterinary and human medicine.  The efficacy of the medicines has been established.

Lifescient will reformulate the medicines into Long Acting Injectables and related sustained-release dosage forms to facilitate administration of medicines to pets and enhance quality of care.


Send us an email if you wish to learn about Long Acting Injectables and how they can improve quality of care of your pet.