Lifescient is a pet pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes and the quality of care for pets. Our team has developed several implants which, when placed in the pet by a veterinarian similar to the placement of a microchip, will release medication continuously in a controlled manner for weeks and months at a time. Furthermore, medicated implants will replace daily oral dosing with a single visit to the veterinarian.  Since our implants are safely absorbed by the body, they need not be removed. A provisional patent has been filed in the United States for the first product in development.

Lifescient is dedicated to improving the quality of care for our pets through innovative drug delivery technology.


Our strategy is to reformulate medications already prescribed by veterinarians and proven effective in our pets. These medications could be pet medications in oral dosage forms that are difficult to administer or human medications not yet approved by the FDA for pets. Because the medications are already approved, the probability of product approval is increased. Consequently, the cost of product development is reduced and this will shorten the  time to market.


Implants will eliminate the need for the pet owner to commit to an administration schedule and offer a convenient, stress free environment for the pet. Since implants release medication continuously in a controlled manner, adherence to prescription is almost guaranteed. This will provide your pet with the maximum health benefits from the course of treatment, freedom to the pet owner and comfort to the pet.

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