Lifescient, Inc., is a veterinary pharmaceutical company revolutionizing pet medicine by reformulating approved medications into biodegradable long-acting injectables (LAIs). Our innovation will relieve pet parents from the burden of daily dosing, guarantee prescription adherence and compliance and improve the quality of care. As the pet population increases worldwide, lifestyle and age related diseases are on the rise. There is demand for superior treatment options.  Lifescient’s LAIs will address these needs and capture this market with a robust product portfolio.

The technical feasibility of our platform technology has been established and the proof of concept of our proprietary drug delivery platform has been demonstrated with several medications. This will enable us to address conditions across multiple therapeutic classes and species.

Lifescient is dedicated to improving the quality of care for our pets through innovative long-acting drug delivery technology.


Our team has developed long-acting injectables which, when placed in the pet subcutaneously, similar to the placement of a microchip, will release medication continuously in a controlled manner for weeks and months at a time. Long-acting injectables are safely absorbed by the body and do not have to be removed.

LAIs offer:

  • Freedom from the stress and commitment required of daily dosing;
  • Guaranteed prescription compliance increasing the likelihood of successful treatment;
  • Strengthening the bond between veterinarian and pet parents leading to improved care;
  • Minimized side effects due to drug release remaining in the therapeutic window.