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Lifescient, Inc. (“the Company) is a development stage pet therapeutics company focused on improving the quality of care for pets and eliminating the challenges that are associated with administration of medicines to pets.  The Company is part of the pharmaceutical industry which has a long history of developing medicines for human needs but less so in introducing medicines for pets. Lifescient is focusing on addressing this opportunity to develop pet medicines.

Pets contribute to the physical and emotional well-being of human beings.  80% of pet parents derive happiness and emotional support from their pets. The healthcare and comfort of pets is such an important issue, that pet parents are demanding for their pets, the kind of healthcare and medicines on par with humans to improve quality of life, provide comfort, and enhance longevity of pets.  Better pet nutrition and better pet care is responsible for the longevity of pet lifespan. The longer the pets live, probability of incidence of old-age diseases such as cancer, osteoarthritis, cognitive, and metabolic disorders increases. We are making it easier to dispense medicines to treat chronic diseases thus elevating Quality of care for Pets and bringing Peace of Mind to the pet parent. 


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